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Tutti Frutti is a local furniture shop specialised in unique furniture and decorations pieces sourced from Indonesia and also crafted locally here in Mauritius. But the true essence of the brand goes way beyond a furniture shop but rather to one of a ''Créateur D’univers"



To create a new website that showcase the diverse unique products and completed projects of Tutti Frutti but also a website that will exude the true essence of the brand as a creator of atmosphere.


A visually enticing website based on Parallax design for a modern touch and fluidity. At first scroll the website reveals everything about the brand and with few clicks you can immerse yourself into the Tutti Frutti universe, exploring their various completed projects or browsing through the galleries of their shop, gift ideas and unique furniture pieces. A specially designed contact form which the website visitor can customised according to his references makes it easy to reach the Tutti Frutti team.


A step forward for the brand as the newly designed and better structured website brought them new visibility online, the customised contact form allowed the to immediately streamline their leads and gave them personalised assistance.


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