Mode2Vi Blog & Ecommerce

Mode2Vi is an innovative online platform meant for sharing local Fashion News to young and middle-aged women. This blog is in line to international trend adapted to local needs. Indeed through research we’ve found that Mauritius did not had a proper platform to share local fashion news and trends. Most of trendy women in Mauritius follow international fashion blog, but lack this touch of local guidance. This how the idea was born, Valerie Imbert, a passionate of fashion, decided to setup this beautiful project. Coupled with our Digital expertise, we give life to her dream and help setup the project.



To develop a platform to share local fashion news and trend in Mauritius

The platform should also have an E-Commerce side, however should not be the main focus and instead be perceived as an information platform


The Challenge

Find a way to set the website as a blog while proposing features that could promote partner products and services. The website should be viewed as a blog, with an Ecommerce platform and also include a section for events and activities.


The Solution

The platform ‘home’ has been developed based on a blog layout. The idea is to share information. Then the Ecommerce side is proposed on a separate page, yet all connected to the blog articles. This allow to propose discretely the products to readers and purchase direct from the website. We first recommend and share trends, and through the Ecommerce section guide visitors to where they can purchase the products. Another distinct section, named Diva, is dedicated to events and activities to the community.



After months of planning and work, is now live and intend to build a community around its platform.