is the first online directory for co-working spaces and other office facilities such as meeting room, conference room, board room, training room among others, in Mauritius. The number of new startups, freelancers, telecommuters and independent professional is mushrooming and it is important to create a platform whereby they are up to date about the new evolution of working spaces and the facilities that they offers to business owners searching for a space.


OBJECTIVES: To create a platform for all the working spaces, especially co-working spaces in Mauritius which can help new startups and freelancers to easily find the right working space for them.


CHALLENGE: Co-Working space is a very new concept for most Mauritians. It was very important to educate freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads in Mauritius about the new evolution of working spaces through the right online platforms where they can book any office facilities on short term and long term basis. Moreover, there exist few platforms which join together entrepreneurs, freelancers and new startups to create a supportive community group where there is frequent exchange of ideas and tips of each of their entrepreneurship journey.


SOLUTIONS: A fully responsive website with monthly blog articles to be published for those office space owners that have chosen a yearly subscription on the website and the right social media channel to create awareness. A Facebook page has been created to communicate about any networking events that are taking place on any of the working space that are listed on the website and also about new office spaces that will be listed on the website. Also a Facebook Group has been created to create a community of Mauritian entrepreneurs which allow them to share their ideas and broaden their horizon on certain aspect of their business activities, thus creating business opportunities for them to exploit.


RESULTS: A well structured website which allow Mauritian entrepreneurs, new startups and freelancers to choose a working space of their choice where they enjoy special offers from our partners.