A Plastic Manufacturing Company

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To develop a customised digital strategy in view to help them penetrate the African market.

In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%


The challenge was that Africa is a very special market, we've had to do extensive preliminary research, understand how to reach this particular audience. Their main competitor being South Africa, we needed to think of strong Value Added Offer that will create interest. 


We've developed a tailor made integrated digital strategy designed to reach the specific audience. We've analysed which digital medium is mostly popular and convenient in the  African market, and how far we can refine targeting. 


Brand and product awareness in new African markets for the company. The client was able to penetrate further existing markets. We noted also an increase in contact requests and sales through online channels. 

From The Client

“MoDigiBiz is a very reliable SEO agency. Their professional and efficient work help us a lot, they are doing a big job for our company. MoDigiBiz makes our objectives as theirs' and attain it with big success.”

From The Marketing Executive

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